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The new 24m yacht “Arcane” marries Astrid’s curiosity and strength through an Explorer, integrated with new leaps in design and technology, all inspired by her contribution to the NFT world.

In a fast-paced society, sometimes the importance of slowing down and enjoying your surroundings is forgotten. Creating an immersive atmosphere using sensorial experiences to correspond with artworks or even music allows the guests to explore deeply a full-body experience engaging with sight, touch, and occasionally smell.
Immersive experiences are more about becoming something greater than the body, absorbing yourself by totally standing within and not before the artwork, allowing guests to deeply understand the artist and connect with those who feel alienated by traditional displays.

Astrid is a 35 year old Norwegian entrepreneur crediting her success to creating one of the most successful platforms for NFT trading. In addition to her tech and business savvy skills, her real passion lies within arts and design.

After graduating with a master's in Visual Arts from the University of Florence, her appreciation for Italian creativity intertwined with her minimalistic lifestyle. Currently residing in Formentera where in her spare time she enjoys free diving, photography, and aerial silk. The ultimate goal would be to have a yacht that will allow her to step away from technology and immerse herself in nature, all while being able to entertain friends and family.





In an attempt to bring the outside in, using technologies and methods from sensory rooms could make the experience even more worthwhile.

Exploring color psychology and its profound effects can implement how we think and feel.

Chromotherapy rooms are comfortable spaces specifically designated to facilitate relaxation through the combination of color, ambient lights, and music


As art is becoming more digitalized, finding a way to display these works is becoming more creative.

The use of Holographic displays and digital screens captures the vibrancy of the artwork and the movement and allows for seemingly realistic images to form mid-air which allows you to walk around it, taking in every detail.


The inspiration for the exterior and interior was a combination of contradicting elements which create harmony with one another, for example, using an organic volume with geometric details, or complementing interior fixtures with a contemporary colour scheme. The overall elements are intentionally brought together to correspond with the owner's personality.

The chosen materials have a classical theme in the sense of using off-white, black, and natural materials such as
wood and marble. the black and off-white provide a contrast to show balance and bravery, whereas green was chosen
to emphasize tranquility, freshness, renewability, and sustainability.


general arrangement



When creating a design of a yacht that is inspired by the owner's personality, a lot of research is gone into shape psychology, color as well as trends relating to such.

Going back to Astrid, she is a determined woman who is entering a new world in terms of her business. NFT and the meta-verse are opening new possibilities for the world, how we view commodities.

In this case, our intention is for the vessel to embody a bold, conceptual and striking design.

Sticking with our main three keywords, valiant, pioneering, and authentic. We managed to incorporate these values through the use of symbolism and an overall new representation of shapes and volumes.

By creating large windows that have a cohesive shape and are the main statement of the body, truly emphasizes this bold presence.



The interior materials and color palette were inspired by the market trends, our concept, and the owner's personality. 

The use of light furniture and natural materials characterizes the space with a sophisticated and inviting environment for the owner and guests. ​

Following our concept, it was important to us to create a space where the guests can afford themselves to enjoy an immersive exploration.

The sensory room is the space where you can experience this kind of atmosphere, with low furniture and a digital art projection on the ceiling.

Bringing the outside in was also part of our path, by designing large windows, the use of teak wood indoors to create fluidity, and in addition the idea of an open galley that connected to the exterior bar area in the aft deck. all of those provide an open and innovative space for having a unique cruising experience. 


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