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cyber company

SEPIO is a cyber company that understands the responsibility that comes with protecting its customers’ most valuable assets.
Their platform sees, assesses, and mitigates all known and shadow assets at any scale.

in this project, I have designed an exhibition 6 x 6m pavilion, following Sepio company's needs and vision.
A space that will include within it- Reception Counter, Storage, Demo area + touchscreen, Semi secluded meeting area, and 50’’ screen for corporate videos


To feel protected and secure is one of the main goals of the company, therefor I decided to follow my material research after those sensations.

Fiber Cement and texture - The cement is a standout material that reflects and also has some crispness and interest.
The material is the foundation of modern development, putting roofs over the heads of billions and providing structure and protection.
According to Sepio, this material fits the best with the stability and strength they create for their customers.

Led light - light has a big impact on the space, the use of led lights brings visibility and a futuristic and inviting environment.

Bouclé fabric - provides a unique range of benefits, heavy enough to offer some acoustic absorption when used, but soft enough to cover a pillow. Yet it’s the rugged-textured fabric’s intrinsic properties that create a safe, inviting, and cozy space.

Color palate- The blue represents dependability, trust, solving problems calmly, and confidence. while the light stone color reflects stability, Strength, and a fresh experience mood.



Final concept idea for the exhibihition stand



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